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Aliette de Bodard's blog

Aliette de Bodard
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Fantasy/SF writer, (and Computer Engineer in the daylight hours). Mostly culturally confused--lived in France, UK and (briefly) US, and am Franco-Vietnamese. Also linguistically confused, which probably explains why I write in English instead of my native French.
History, mythology nuts, with a special interest in Vietnam (obviously), Ancient China and the Aztecs. Also addicted to: tea, jasmine rice, phở, chả lựa, xá xíu, bánh cuốn, and various other Vietnamese foods. Beliefs: Catholic with a serious side-order of Confucianism and Buddhism (the Mahayana kind). Currently making a concerted effort to cook more and to learn Vietnamese (a language in which, two years ago, my vocabulary was limited to "maternal grandmother" and "noodle soup"): in addition to writing preoccupations, you'll find a lot of recipes and language struggles on this blog.

Just FYI, my cooking motto is "if in doubt, add garlic. If still in doubt, add shallots. And, regardless of whether doubt is there or not, throw in the nước mắm" :D (OK. I lie. I also use the following liberally: sugar, ginger and coconut water. Yup, Southerner family, why do you ask?)

I'm the author of Obsidian and Blood, a series of Aztec fantasies published by Angry Robot, and of the novella On a Red Station Drifting, which was a finalist for a Hugo, Nebula and Locus Award.


I've also sold short stories to a number of venues, most notably Interzone, Asimov's, and Realms of Fantasy. See my website if you want more info and/or fiction samples. Apart from writing, I'm a history geek and a mythology geek (and a real geek, of course :=) ). I also (tentatively) make excursions into cooking, particularly Vietnamese food; some of those experiments have ended up on the blog.

Also, if you want to keep me happy--it's "de Bodard", with a lowercase "d" and an uppercase "B", in two words (and, when you're referring to me by last name only, without a preceding "Aliette" or "Ms.", you shouldn't be using the "de", just "Bodard". Bit of a complicated thing, but there you go...) See here for a simplified version of the explanation.

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