virgin hair

What Are Virgin Hair Extensions?

Virgin hair extensions are made with human hair that is guaranteed to be 100% chemically unprocessed. It also should only be collected from one person, not multiple people. Such an extension is not altered by perms or any types of dyes, and definitely not any bleaches or been washed to harshly. That is why virgin hair extensions are considered some of the highest quality extensions on the market today. They are quite expensive than most of the other types of hair extensions on the market. A virgin extension usually keeps in natural color and gloss since it is not treated with chemicals. That is why you should always invest in a virgin extension when you are shopping for a hair extension on the market. There are many benefits of such a hair extension. Here are some of the top benefits of shopping for virgin hair extensions.

Brazilian virgin hair extensions from Dimond Dynasty Virgin Hair

When hair is processed or as some would put it, "chemically treated," it becomes difficult to style the hair. Your stylist will experience more difficulty in straightening or curling the hair under such circumstances. Such hair may not accept new color as easily as a synthetic extension. That is why you should always opt for a virgin extension for better styling and coloring purposes. When the hair is chemically treated or dyed, it tends to weaken and get damaged more easily. Virgin extensions are considered to be a higher quality product since they are not damaged or weakened in such a way. 

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